Air Free Liquid VFFS Packing Machine PM-420J/PM-620J

  • PM-620J

  • PM-620J with rotary lobe pump

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Suitable for sauces, ketchup, egg white, jam, mayonnaise, chili sauce, lotus seed paste, bean paste and other food stuffing as well as drinks of large bulk. It is also suitable for Non-food oil, detergent, grease, industrial paste, etc., especially suitable for the application for liquid vacuum packing, good for product preservation.

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Packing Process:       

  1. Automatic weighing, filling and sealing machine for various pure liquid, average viscous liquid and highly viscous liquid.
  2. Adopt High performance rotary lobe pump for filling process.
  3. Extrusion air expelling method could expel the air inside packing efficiently, to meet the requirement of preservation.
  4. Special PE laminated packing film is required for such packing.
  5. Elected electronic and pneumatic components are used to ensure machine durable and stable.

Model No. PM-420J PM-620J
Bag Width (mm) 100-200 150-300
Bag  Length (mm) 150-300 150-450
Filling Volume (ml) Max. 1000ml Max. 5000ml
Film width (mm) 420 620
Max. Speed 10-40 ppm 5-20 ppm