Vertical Form Fill Seal and Multi-head Weigher Combo PMW-420E

  • PMW-420E

  • PMW-420E + Acclivitous Conveyor + Vibration Feeder

  • PMW-420E-Drawing


  • PMW-420E-SAMPLE-2

  • PMW-420E-Sample-3

It can fully complete process including Combination-weighing, product filling, film forming, bag sealing, punching, printing, and counting.

Related Categories

Dry & Processed Food, Fresh Food, For example: Snack Food, Seeds (Pulses), Nuts, Coffee (granules/ beans), Tea, Sugar, Grated Cheese, Bakery Products, Candies & Confectionery, Rice, Nuts & Dried Fruits, Spices, Pasta, Pet Food (pellets) etc.
Other: Non Food. For example: Medium Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Auto, Electrical and Plumbing Parts etc.

StandardĀ Features:

  • Automatic Combination weighing and vertical packaging combine in one single unit machine (2 in 1 technology).
  • With one frame, one electric cabinet, one electric plug only.
  • Strict height control and space saving, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Suitable for small and medium packaging application with high speed and accuracy request.


  1. Servo motor drives horizontal sealing
  2. Hole punching device
  3. Gusset bag forming device
  4. Tear notch device
  5. Exhaust air function
  6. Coding device (ribbon/thermal transfer)
  7. Gas flush device
  8. Product Discharge conveyor
  9. Chain bag with batch cut
  10. Refilling device for the scale

Model PMW-420E
Touch Screen 7 inch color touch screen
Weighing Head No. 10 heads
Hopper Volume 800 ml
Weighing range 10-800 gram
Weighing accuracy 0.5g ~ 1.5g
Max width of film 420mm
Bag width 80ļ½ž200mm
Bag length 80-220mm (more than 220mm, need multi seal)
Bag pulling system By Servo Motor
Horizontal sealing system By air cylinder
Max. Speed 60 bags/min
Power 4.5KW, 220V 50/60Hz