Two Side Seal + End Seal Packing Machine APW-15040-2SS/ APW-15020-2SS

  • APW-15040-2SS

For big size products fully enclosed four side seal. For example: Big door, big painting framing, big carton box and so on.

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Standard Features:

  1. Use two single layer film roll, two sets of distance and height adjustable side seal device at two side, suitable for fully enclosed wrapping of big products in different size. The package will approve the products more anti-dust and anti-humidity and protect product surface.
  2. Down film with separate film rack, easier to replace the film roll.
  3. PLC and touch screen control, with program memory, can call all production parameter easily. Products size changeover can be easily realized by hand wheel adjustment, no elements need to be replaced.
  4. Build in with feed-in and feed-out conveyor (can be belt conveyor or roller conveyor depend on products), easier to connect with upstream and downstream machine for fully automatic on-line running.
  5. Solid and durable design, suitable for heavy products wrapping.
  6. With two side automatic waste strip rewinding device.

Model APW-15020-2SS APW-15040-2SS
Power Supply 380V/ 3PH/ 5000W 380V/ 3ph/ 7000W
Air Supply 6 Bar, 30L/min 6 Bar, 30L/min
Sealing bar width 1500 mm 1500 mm
Max. pack height 200 mm 450 mm
Sealing jaw driven by Cylinder Motor
Max. conveyor speed 20m/min 20m/min
Suitable product Door, wood floor Carton box
Center seal function No Yes