Two Servo Pillow Pack Vertical Form Fill Seal MachinePM-430-S2/ PM-530-S2

  • PM-430-S2

  • PM-430-S2 14 heads scale system (higher speed application)

Automatic packaging of liquid, powder and granule in formed pouch for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

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Standard Feature:

  1. The machine can automatically complete the products conveying, measuring, and feeding, filling and bag forming, date code printing, bag sealing and cutting.
  2. Servo-motor driven, twin belt film pulling system.
  3. High sensitive fiber optic photo sensor can automatically trace color mark accurately.
  4. PLC control system combined with touch screen, can easily set and change the packing parameters. Daily production output and self-diagnostic machine error can be viewed directly from the screen.
  5. PID temperature controller monitors heat sealing temperature within ±1°C.
  6. Selected electrical and pneumatic components from reliable international manufacturer.
  7. With CE Certificate comply to CE standard.

Optional Parts

  1. Gusset Pouch Forming Device
  2. Date Code Printer (Ribbon hot printer or Thermo transfer printer)
  3. Sachet header Hole Puncher
  4. Fix number cut
  5. Stainless steel machine casing
  6. Zipper bag device
  7. 30 degree diamond shape pillow pack
  8. Mono layer PE film sealing device (constant heat)
  9. Mono layer PE film sealing device (impulse heat)
  10. Film roll automatic alignment device

Modal No. PM-430-S2 PM-530-S2
Max. Measuring Range (ml) 1000 2000
Bag Length (mm) 80-300 80-390
Bag Width (mm) 80-200 90-250
Film WIdth(mm) Max. 430 mm Max. 530 mm
Speed (Bag/min) 20-80 ppm 20-70 ppm
Power  220V/1ph, 3.8Kw 220V/1ph, 3.5Kw