Semi-automatic L-Type Sealing Machine AP Series

  • L-Type Sealer

  • AP-1622A

  • AP-1622AP

  • AP1622AP+APT-1810

  • AP-2028A

  • AP-3040A

This machine is an economic solution for packaging of any solid product. It may couple with APT-1810 Heat Shrink Tunnel to form a completed packaging line.


Related Categories

1. Anti-adhesive Teflon Coated Sealing Blade ensures neat and firm seal without smoke pollution. Overheat protect function extends the lifespan; hand clamping protect device avoids mistakenly damaging the product and also for the safety of the operator.
2. Dual magnet clamping increases the sealing force ensuring a firm seal.
3. Easy adjustment of sealing and conveyor time.
4. Quick film loading Design and advanced pin perforation device.
5. Selected electrical components from reliable international manufacturer.
6. Heavy duty castor with lock device makes an easy move and locate.
7. AP-1622AP Type, Pneumatic Cylinder Type Sealer offers Manual and Auto Mode for operation. The whole sealing cycle is done by cylinder, which lessens power of work and improves efficiency.

Model No. AP-1622A AP-1622AP AP -2028A AP-2028AP
Max Sealing Size 550X400 550X400 700X500 700X500
Voltage 220V/1ph
Compress Air 0.6MPA 0.6MPA
Machine Size (Lx W x H) 1600X775X1000 1600X775X1100 1900X875X1000 1900X875X1100
Packed machine size (Lx W x H) 1410X760X1170 1410X760X1170 1710X860X1180 1710X860X1180
Equipment weight (Kg) 145/190 145/190 210/265 210/265

Model No. AP -3040A AP-3040AP AP-4048AP
Max Sealing Size 1000X750 1000X750 1200X1000
Voltage 220V/1ph
Compress Air 0.6MPA 0.6MPA
Machine Size (Lx W x H) 2500X1125X1000 2500X1125X1100 2910X1300X1100
Packed machine size (Lx W x H) 2310X1210X1270 2310X1210X1270 3020X1490X1320
Equipment weight (Kg) 345/440 345/440 680/880

※Special size available on request