Sachet Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Packing MachinePM-100 Series

  • PM-100V2 Double Lane couple with Vibrating bowl for Screw Packaging

  • PM-100P couple with Auger Filler and Refill Auger System with Storage Tank for Powder Packaging

  • PM-100P couple with Auger Filler for Powder Packaging

  • PM-100L couple with 30L Hooper Pneumatic piston pump for paste packaging

  • PM-100G couple with Volumetric Cup for sugar packaging

PM-100 series is an economical Fully Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine . This machine is designed for small sachet packaging. It is almost suitable for all of liquid, powder, granule, tablet screw, etc…

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Technical Features

  1. The automatic packaging machine can automatically complete product quantitative filling, automatic bag, seal, red shaped bags and other functions;
  2. Replace the mold can be achieved by a pouch-type profiled customer designs;
  3. High sensitivity fibre optic photo sensor can automatically trace color mark to obtained the complete logo accurately;
  4. PLC control, can easily be set on the touch screen console, adjust the packing parameters. Visual display production information, and with self-alarm, self-stop, self-diagnostic function, the use of safe, easy maintenance;
  5. PID digital temperature control, sealing temperature deviation within ± 1°C;

Optional Parts for Main Machine

  1. Date Code Printer
  2. Fix Number Cut
  3. Stainless Steel Machine Out Case

Optional Sealing Format

3 Side Seal, 4 Side Seal

side seal with border


Model Applicable Product Measuring Range (ml) Bag Length (mm) Bag Width (mm) Speed (Bag/min) Doser
PM-100G Granule A:1-10 B:5-50 30-120 30-85 50-100 Volumetric cup
PM-100L Liquid 3-50 30-120 30-85 30-60 Liquid pump
PM-100P Powder 3-50 30-120 30-85 30-60 Screw auger
PM-100T Tablet 3-50 30-120 30-85 10-60 Tablet round plate
PM-100V Screw, etc 3-50 30-120 30-85 10-60 Vibrating bowl