Professional PE Heat Shrink Tunnel APT-PE Serial

PE Shrink tunnel is equipped with fully re-circulating air chamber and discharge end cooling fans. This machine is special designed for PE film packaging and is the best couple with PE Sleeve wrapping machine. Like other shrink tunnels, this also can be integrated with L-Sealer machines or overwrapping machines for wrapping improvement.

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Standard Feature

  1. Top Fans recycling system
  2. Dead roller conveyor
  3. Conveyor speed adjustable by frequency inverter
  4. Digital temperature control
  5. With cooling fan at the end of tunnel
  6. Metal heating element, long durable and easy maintenance


  1. Stainless steel net conveyor
  2. Sponge roller at tunnel end
  3. Teflon mesh conveyor
  4. Additional tunnel height

Model No. APT-6040PE I APT-6040PE II APT-8040PE II APT-10040PE II APT-12540PE II
Tunnel size 1200x600x400 1800X600X400 1800x800x400 1800x1000x400 1800x1250x400
Machine size 2200x970x1600 2800X970X1600 2800x1170x1600 2800x1370x1600 2800x1620x1600
Power 380V/3ph, 12kw 380V/3ph, 18kw 380V/3ph, 21kw 380V/3ph, 30kw 380V/3ph, 30kw
Conveyor speed (Max.) 15M/min 20M/min 20M/min 20M/min 20M/min
Packed machine size (LxWxH) 2160x1060x1870 2960x1090x1870 2960x1280x1920 3060x1500x2020 3060x1810x2020
Machine weight 420/600 kg 640/800 kg 850/1010 kg 1000/1160 kg 1200/1400 kg

Other size available on request