Mini Type Pillow Pack VFFS Machine PM-420MN/ PM-620MN/ PM-720MN

  • PM-720MN

  • PM-620MN with AP-3AL Auger for Powder

  • PM-620MN with in-feed conveyor

Automatic packaging of liquid, powder and granule in formed pouch for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

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Optional Parts for Main machine

  1. Shorter and Compact design. Good for low proof factory and easy to couple with all kind of dosing device.
  2. Other feature, possible bag format, possible optional parts same as standard pillow pack machine.

Modal No. PM-420MN PM-620MN PM-720MN
Bag Width 80-200 mm 120-300 mm 160-350 mm
Bag length 80-180 mm (Bag length bigger than 180mm will pull film two times)
Film Width 420 mm 620 mm 720 mm
Max. Speed 20-60 ppm 20-40 ppm 15-35 ppm
Main machine size W1084 x D1495 x H1232 mm W1216 x D1483 x H1297 mm W1428 x D1534 x H1397 mm