Manual Sleeve Wrapper and Tunnel Combo Packing Machine APW-6040ST

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Well designed, innovating, strong, the more simple and suitable sleeve packaging machine of low-medium band, able to work a wide range of products with every kind of heat-shrinking film (bottles, jars, pots, tin-cans, phials, cases, boxes etc.). It is the proper solution for sealing big boxes, wrapping single pieces out of standards, integrating or replacing the usage of corrugated cardboard, with many economical, logistical and image advantages. Fast size shifts. Usage of compressed air not required.

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Features :

  1. The most simple sleeve bundle packing machine in the market
  2. Build with class A manufacturer, machine very strong and heavy duty, last for long time.
  3. Fast sizes change, able to handle wide range product: bottles, jars, pots, tin-cans, phials, cases, boxes etc….
  4. Durable cutting knife with maintenance free
  5. No need to use compress air
  6. Tunnel with unique flat chain conveyor, even unstable bottle will not fall down
  7. Top and bottom air recycling system, save energy and achieve best shrink result
  8. Digital temperature control with PID system
  9. Machine with Auto shut down function when temperature drop down to 70 oC
  10. Solid state relay couple metal heating element, durable and maintenance free
  11. Conveyor speed adjustable with frequency inverter


Cooling fan at the exit of the tunnel

Model APW-6040ST
Packing film PE heat shrink film x 1 roll
Max film width 600mm
Film size inner core 75mm, max outer diameter 350mm
Max Sealing width 600mm
Machine dimension L2600mm x W 950mm x H1750mm
Voltage 380V/3PH, 50Hz or 220V/3PH, 60Hz
Power 16.5KW