Automatic Magazine Vertical Packing Machine MP-A4

This machine is designed for the packaging of magazine, catalog, bulletins, thin books and etc…

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Standard Feature

  1. Cost Saving by using clear POF film instead of paper envelopes. Contents are visible.
  2. PLC combined LCD text controller, bag length self-adjustment through photocell.
  3. Impulse heating and cutting knife, saving energy.
  4. Manual load the magazine into the bag former, then machine will automatic bagging, sealing, cutting and out-feeding.
  5. CE Confirmity.


  1. Feed out conveyor

Model No. MP-A4
Power Supply 220-240V/1ph,0.6Kw
Applicable Product Width 209 ± 10mm
Applicable Product Length 290 ± 10mm
Max. product thickness A:1-6mm or B:6-20mm
Output per Hour 0-1200pcs
Machine dimension 610X830X1055mm
Machine Net Weight 145Kg