Linear Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Fill-Seal Machine TFS-108

  • TFS-108

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For toothpaste, Cosmetics, Medicine, Food, Industrial Articles, and Various Sealing for Soft Tube.

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  1. It adopts Ultrasonic Sealing device.
  2. Overload protection, phase separation protection, power-fail protection.
  3. Large ultrasonic output power to ensure the sealing quality of various tube size and material.
  4. With tube end trimming
  5. Safety protection cover.
  6. Easy Change working mold for different tube diameter.
  7. Adjustable tube length
  8. Machine include a gear pump filler

Model TFS-108
Tube Size Diameter 13-50 mm
Length 70-250 mm
Filling Range 3-250 ml
Compress Air 0.5-0.8 Mpa
* Capacity 8-15 pcs / Min
Voltage 220V / 1 Phase , 50/60 Hz
Power 1KW

* Real Capacity depends on Filling Volume and Tube size