Hot Air Re-circulating Shrink Tunnel AP-180828/181044/4015T/221244

  • AP-180844

An industrial heat shrink tunnel use heat to shrink film around packages. This machine is designed to work with L bar sealer or sleeve wrapper bundler, but also stand alone for shrink banding applications, is compatible with a wide range of standard product sizes and offer optimum shrink performance while using minimum space.

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  1. Adopt advanced heater bank and adjustable High Speed Blower to realize re-circulating air, shorten the heating-up time and reduce the heat lost to ensure the best packing performance.
  2. Equipped with digital Temperature Controller and inverter to adjust the conveyor speed assures the stability and accuracy of the machine.
  3. Live Roller Rod Conveyor adopts durable solid roll outer coated with silicone rubber to prevent dust and stand fire. (Option: Teflon Mesh Overlay Conveyor)
  4. Automatic Shutting-Off Function can automatically switch off the power when the tunnel temperature drops below 70oC, ensuring maximum life span and saving the waiting time.
  5. Selected electrical components from reliable international manufacturer.

Model No. AP-180828 AP-181044 AP-4015T AP-221244
Tunnel Size (LxWxH) 700x450x200 1100x450x250 600x400x150 1100x550x300
Machine Size (LxWxH) 1050x700x1525 1550x700x1525 920x670x730 1550x750x1575
Voltage 380V/3ph or 220V/3ph
Power (kw) 8 9.5 4.5 12
Packed Machine Size (LxWxH) 1210x760x1730 1630x770x1870 1020x830x950 1710x910x1870
Machine Weight (kg) 205/276 280/365 120/160 460/540