High Performance Heat Shrink Tunnel TLA-1245/1265, TSS-1845/1865

An industrial heat shrink tunnel use heat to shrink film around packages. This machine is designed to work with L bar sealer or sleeve wrapper bundler, but also stand alone for shrink banding applications, is compatible with a wide range of standard product sizes and offer optimum shrink performance while using minimum space.

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Standard Feature

  1. Thermal circulation system using heat integrated design, rapid temperature raises up.
  2. SSR and PID temperature control, temperature tolerance ±1 oC
  3. Adopt long metal heater, durable and stable.
  4. Heater drawer design, for easy inspection and heater connection changing.
  5. Conveyor speed controlled by frequency inverter, speed adjustable 10-40 m/min.
  6. Standard live roller design
  7. Adjustable airflow vents control the airflow volume by frequency inverter
  8. Both side lateral airflow direction is Adjustable
  9. Insulation layer between heating zone and outer skin of about 100mm to minimize heat loss.


  1. Stainless Steel Machine construction
  2. Openable Tunnel cover
  3. Cooling at the tunnel exit
  4. Dead Roller mechanism

Model No. TLA-1245 TSS-1845 TLA-1265 TSS-1865
Tunnel Size (LxWxH) (mm) 1200X450X300 1800X450X300 1200X650X400 1800X650X400
Machine Size (LxWxH) (mm) 1840X1080X1250 2440X1080X1250 1840X1280X1350 2440X1280X1350
Power 10 KW 17-20 KW 14 KW 20-26 KW
Voltage 380-400V/3ph, 50Hz or 220V/3ph, 60 Hz
Packed machine size (LxWxH) (mm) 1940x1160x1460 1940x1340x1560 2530x1160x1450 2660x1310x1600
Machine weight NW/GW (kg) 470/570 580/720 500/640 690/900