Fully Automatic Filling and Capping System 9888

  • 9888-2

  • 9888-New

  • 9888P

  • 9888-Samlpe2

  • 9888-Samples

This small filling and capping system is designed for filling application of small volume and invariable bottle size. This machine combines filling and capping in one body, ensures compact size and practicality.

Related Categories

1. Machine construction in Stainless Steel #304.
2. Variable filling device and filling nozzle can be custom made according to the filling material property and speed requirement.
3. PLC combined with touch screen control system.
4. Rotary cam driver separates and conveys bottles.
5. No bottle, no fill, no cap, no capping.
1. Variable filling device (Liquid,Ointment, Powder, Granule, etc)
2. Bottle star wheel for another bottle size
3. Automatic air spray bottle cleaning station
4. Perfume bottle automatic steel ball dropping station
5. Automatic Plug Feeder and Inserter Station
6. Automatic Cap Feeder and Inserter Station (for one cap size)
7. Infeed and outfeed turn table
8. All contact parts made of Stainless Steel #316.
9. Two lines bottles infeed, two nozzles filling, Double capacity
10. Thermal Seal for bottle mouth

Model 9888 9888/2
Ideal Filling Range A:5-50ml; B:25-250ml; C:50-500ml; D:100-1000ml
Lane No, 1 2
Capacity 15-20b/min. 30-40b/min.
Voltage 220V/1 ph 220V/1ph