Automatic Bag in Bag Packing Machine PM-420P-BIB/ PM-420G-BIB

  • PM-420P-BIB with auger screw filler & vacuum transfer elevator refiller

  • PM-420-BIB Body

  • Inner Filter Bag

  • Outer Aluminum foil bag

Suitable for products like coffee powder or coffee granule which need filter inner bag and aluminum foil outer bag packing in one machine.

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Standard Feature:

  1. Automatic combination filling device, inner bag packing and outer bag packing combine in one single unit machine (3 in 1 technology)
  2. With one frame, one electric cabinet one electric plug only for all function.
  3. Space saving, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Can select to equip with powder auger filler or volumetric cup filler depend on products.


Model PM-420P-BIB PM-420G-BIB
Inner bag width (mm) 80-160
Inner bag length (mm) 80-160
Outer bag width (mm) 120-200
Outer bag length (mm) 120-200
Film width (mm) 420
Filling device Powder auger filler Granule volumetric cup filler
Max. Speed 10-40 ppm