Automatic Heat Seal Tube Fill-Seal Machine TFS-205/305

  • TFS-205

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This is fully automatic high speed rotary heat seal plastic tube fill-seal machine. It is suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, foods, chemical, etc…

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  1. Automatic tube loading, filling, heating, sealing, cutting and tube unloading.
  2. The precision of mechanical linking visual detection is within 2 mm.
  3. Mechanical tube feeding. Only one unit need to be changed when tube size changing.
  4. Inner Heat System, using “Leister” hot air system to assure high quality sealing.
  5. Servo motor controls filling, filling volume can be easily adjusted in the touch screen.
  6. Plug-in filling type fills the product from the bottom of tubes, which ensures less air mixing with the filling material and decreases the possibility of oxidation.
  7. All contact parts are made of Stainless Steel #316, complying with GMP requirements.

Model TFS-205 TFS-305
Tube Size Diameter 10-50mm 20-60mm
Length 70-200mm 70-280mm
Volume 5-250ml 50-500ml
Capacity 30-40 tubes/min. 30-40 tubes/min.
Voltage 380V/3ph, 5Kw 380V/3ph, 5Kw
Heating Method Inner “Leister” hot air system