Automatic Top & Bottom Folding Carton Sealer APFX-FI500

Alpha-Pack APFX-FI500 is an ideal, fast, economical and practical solution for the flap folding, sealing and packing of cartons, which can be single-unit operation or also equipped into production line. It is widely used in the fields of electrical domestic appliance, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industry.

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  1. The top flaps of carton will be automatically folded and be sealed smoothly at a time, save labor and save time. It’s suitable for using with the automation packaging system of converting carton size.
  2. Fully automatic width and height adjustment run by a functioning self-positioning and centering twin driven side high friction belts that will guide and carry the box through the taping process. This allows changeover from one size of box to another immediately. It is the best choice for the random case taping.
  3. Sealing width and height adjustable easily without the need for any tools.
  4. Both 220V and 320V are available with low power consumption, suitable for the most of country in the world.
  5. 72mm dispenser for tape ranging in width from 48-72mm. The tape dispensers are easy to access and can be removed from the machine. Also, this allows easy reloading of tapes. The mechanism allows good and accurate taping of the box.
  6. A set of two side air pressure roller guides retain the carton shape and squareness (even bulging ones) and to ensure that the tape is applied on the center line. This would allow the box to be in the correct square position during the taping process. By doing so, we also ensure that the major flaps would meet while taping and the gap between them can be minimized to a large extent. Also, these guides are adjustable with a lock at the side.
  7. Unlimited length of case taping design can be accommodated all the long length products.
  8. With belt speed 20 meter per minute thereof, keep your product remaining high speed to shipping over the world.
  9. Simple Maintenance and Changeover: Usually, the best maintenance of the machine is to keep it clean. Sometimes the cutting blades, springs, etc.… may need to be changed, but otherwise there is no significant maintenance of these machines.
  10. Couple with our Automatic Picker, Automatic Case Erector APCE Series and 4 Corner Carton Sealer APFX-FH500L, able to form a fully automatic carton packing line.
  11. With Alpha-Pack carton packaging machinery, your products remain safe and secure for shipping and distribution and works to keep your product lines running smoothly and effectively.


Model No. APFX-FI500
Min. package size: L200 * W165 * H150 mm
Max. package size: L600 * W500 * H500 mm
Belt speed: 20m/min
Machine size: L1700 * W840 * H1450 mm
Shipping size: L1800 *W1120 * H1550 mm
Power supply: 220 /380V 50Hz
Air pressure : 6kgf/cm², 100nl/min
Apply tape 48-72mm
N.W/G.W: 280kg /400kg
Remark Couple with APFX-FH500L to form all side seal