Automatic Sleeve Type Shrinking Wrapper APW-A Series

  • APW-6030A

  • APW-6030A

For drinks, beer, spring water, which are indeed no paper tray or paper tray collection of packaging, can also be used for individual appliances, auto parts, furniture, floors or more combinations of sealing, shrink wrap.


Related Categories

1. AC drive motor with frequency inverter for stepless speed regulation.
2. PID automatic counting control for heating temperature.
3. Feeding, Counting, rolling film, sealing, shrinking and cooling in a whole system.
4. Multi-format function is available on request.
5. 0ption:Teflon net conveyor to make the transportation more stable.
6. For PE, PVC, Shrinking film.
7. Could be equipped with lane switch device and counting system to pack products without tray, (customer-made based on product)

Model No. APW-6030AC/6030AH APW-8040AC/8040AH APW-10040AC / 10040AH
Max. Sealing Width(mm) 600 800 1000
Max. Product Height 300 350 350
Voltage 380V/3ph 380V/3ph 380V/3ph
Power 2Kw 2.5Kw 3.1Kw
Capacity(pcs/mln.) Max. 12 Max. 12 Max. 12
Product Feeding 90 degree conveyor automatic feeding
Machine size (LXWXH) 2666X1256X2000 2666X1256X2080 2866X1256X2080
Packed machine size (LXWXH) 2810X1410X2120 2810X1410X2200 3010X1410X2200
Compressed air pressure and consumption 6bar, 60NL/min. 6bar, 80NL/min. 6bar, 80NL/min.
Machine weight NW/GW) 440/720 500/790 580/900