Automatic Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine AFM-840 / 860 / 880

  • AFM-840

  • AFM-880

  • AFM-860

This machine is designed for handle from water-thin to high viscosity product, especially for viscid and foaming product in chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry.

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1. Machine construction in Stain less Stell #304.
2. Each rotary Lobe pump is driven by an individual motor for high accuracy liquid filling.
3. PLC combined with touch screen contol system. Filling volume can be easily adjusted separately.
4. No change parts are required for different bottle sizes.
5. Diving type filling system prevents spillage during filling.
6. No bottle, no filling safety device.
7. 20 job memory for easy recall.
8. You can choose A type, B type or C type for different filling range.
1. Liquid Tank Agitator
2. Hot Filling
3. Infeed and outfeed turn table
4. All contact parts made of Stainless Steel #316.
5. Safety Transparent cover for safe operation circumstance and dust-proof.

Model AFM-840 AFM-860 AFM-880
Filling Range A: 30-500ml; B: 100-1000ml; C:500-5000ml
Power 200V/1ph, 500/60Hz.
Filling Pump Stainless Steen Rotary Lobe Pump
Max. Filling Capacity 24 bottles/min 36 bottles/min 48 bottles/min
Filling Nozzle No. 4 6 8