High Speed Automatic Induction Cap Sealer TAPI-2100 / TAPI-3000

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  • TAPI-3000A

  • TAPI-3000B

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This is an induction cap sealing machine, a non-contact method of heating an inner seal to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.
The production capacity can up to 300 units per minute and also capable to work on a fast conveyor – making it the ideal choice for high speed packaging lines. They are the best choice for the mass production.

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  1. High capacity, suitable for mass production.
  2. High sealing capacity, durable for working continuously.
  3. Can be incorporated with a line or operated individually.


ModelĀ  TAPI-2100A TAPI-2100B TAPI-3000A TAPI-3000B
Voltage 220V/1pH, 50Hz
Max. Power 2500W 3000W
Sealing Diameter A:15-45, B:30-60, C:50-120 A:30-60, B:50-121
Max. Capacity 200 300
Cooling Method Air Cooling Water Cooling