Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiao Dan led the team to investigate and survey the High-tech Industry Zone of Heyuan City and visited Alpha-Pack Industrial Park


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On July 13, 2015, Deputy Secretary of CPCGPC & Provincial Governor Zhu Xiao Dan led the team to inspect the situation of Northwest Revitalization & Development Promotion on Eastern Guangdong cities.

At the morning, Provincial Governor Zhu Xiao Dan accompanied by Secretary-General of Provincial Government & Director of the general office Li Feng, Party Secretary He Zhongyou, Mayor Peng Jianwen to the High-tech Industry Zone of Heyuan City and visited the production base of Alpha-Pack (Heyuan) Co. Ltd. , with key inspection of collaborative innovation, project construction and other aspects of the case on the High-tech Industry Zones. Besides, City leaders Teng Chung Yam, Li Yong and Party Committee Secretary of High-tech Industry Zone Li Yannan, Management Committee Director Yang Lihua, etc., have participated in this event.

Governor Zhu Xiao Dan and his entourage came to “Synergy Innovation Institute of GDUT, Heyuan”,  “Alpha-Pack (Heyuan) Co. Ltd.” and other localities. In the exhibition center of Synergy Innovation Institute, Governor Zhu Xiao Dan was quite interested in watching intelligent robots, 3D printers, remote drones and other new kinds of machine. While communicating with the project leader, he asked about institutional settings, service to enterprises, platform construction and other matters of the institute.

“Heyuan collaborative innovation development results exciting.” Governor Zhu Xiao Dan pointed out that collaborative innovation is an important part of the innovation system, Heyuan direct docking with institute to strengthen research cooperation, will effectively solve the weaknesses of “Independent Innovation” on northwest of Eastern Guangdong. This research has a leading role model for the province with less developed regions.

Being hoped, the institute will vigorously promote the scientific and technological business incubate facility and build more innovative business service platform.

Organize the launching of R&D achievements and industrial docking activities, boost enterprises to speed up the technological innovation transformation and upgrading.

Being to full play of the R&D advantages of the institute, joint development of local industry needs, get more high quality innovative resources, will stand for the economic society’s development of Heyuan to attract more “Investment talent recruitment”.